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Medieval Gauntlets With 3 Lames

Medieval Gauntlets With 3 Lames

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Medieval Gauntlets With 3 Lames


  • Fully functional steel gauntlets
  • You can adjust size as per your fitting
  • Comfortable leather straps for adjusted fit
  • Designed in a traditional international style


Medieval Gauntlets With 3 Lames . Our Gauntlets are made from 18 gauge steel. These steel gauntlets are fully articulated and all the joints move. The gauntlets are so flexible that you can make a fist while wearing them, this is a great quality as they will enable you to move much faster and allow you to use your weapons more easily. They prove to be a essential for any sword fighter. Our Articulated Gauntlets provide great protection for the forearm, wrist, knuckles, and fingers. To make wearing these gauntlets comfortable, they include a soft suede inner glove. To properly maintain your steel gauntlets, always keep the metal away from water and lightly oiled them so they do not rust.